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Value of Justice Application Degree in School from the Perspective of High School Students in Mecca
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Amman, Jordan | 2016 | p. 1-31
حمد، حياة عبد العزيز محمد نياز
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International Group for Consulting and Training (IGCT)
Arab States

The study aimed to clarify the status of the Value of Justice in Islamic education and identify the degree to which this value is applied by the school headmaster, the teacher and the school advisor from the perspective of secondary school students, in the Mecca city community. The study used the descriptive analytical approach and a questionnaire containing 42 items distributed among 3 axes: the principal, the teacher, the advisor. The sample consisted of 395 males and females, selected randomly. The results showed that the degree of application by the teacher of the justice value as a whole came first, followed by the degree of application by the headmaster, while the degree of application by the school advisor came third. The assumptions of the study found that there are statistically significant differences attributed to the variables of gender (male, female) in favor of males regarding the degree of application of the justice value by the headmaster and the teacher, whereas there were no statistically significant difference regarding the application by the advisor attributed to the gender variable. The study found statistically significant differences due to the variable of specialization (literary/scientific) in favor of literary students while there were no differences due to the variable of education level.

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Case studies and research papers
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Civic / Citizenship / Democracy
Social justice / Equity
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Secondary education


التربية المدنية; العدالة الاجتماعية; حقوق الإنسان