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Internet Bullying: What is It and How to Deal with It? ; Top 10 Cyberbullying Questions Asked by Teens
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Geneva | 2020 |
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UNICEF Europe and Central Asia
Asia and the Pacific
Europe and North America


In the article, UNICEF experts, international experts on Internet bullying and child protection, as well as employees of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, answer questions about how to deal with Internet bullying.


Top 10 Cyberbullying Questions:


  1. How to understand that I am being harassed on the Internet? How to distinguish a joke from bullying?
  2. How does Internet bullying affect a person?
  3. Who should I talk to if someone is chasing me on the Internet? Why is it important to report bullying?
  4. I am being harassed by the Internet, but I’m afraid to talk to my parents about it. How do I turn to them for help?
  5. How can I help my friends report online bullying, especially if they don’t want to do this?
  6. The Internet gives me access to a lot of information, but it also means that I can become a victim of online violence. How can you protect yourself from cyberbullying without refusing to use the Internet?
  7. How to avoid using my personal information to manipulate or humiliate me on social networks?
  8. Is there any punishment for Internet harassment?
  9. Internet companies are not trying to solve the problem of cyberbullying. Are they responsible for this?
  10. Are there any online tools to combat bullying of children or youth?


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