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Opening new windows to sow peace: building citizenship
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Bogota | 2015 | 134p
Tatiana Zuluaga Zapata; Carlos Humberto Vélez Ocampo; Laura Juliana Pachón Rodríguez; María Julieta Ortiz Fernández
Corporate author: 
Secretaría de Educación del Distrito (SED)
Latin America and the Caribbean

This document aims to help students come with innovative ideas to generate transformations for peace and citizenship in Colombia. It is aimed at creating a conscious mobilization every April 9, during the commemoration of the victims and the missing in Colombia, and has the intention of motivating citizens to fill the streets with joy, raise their voices and commit to peace.

Resource Type: 
Teaching and learning materials
Civic / Citizenship / Democracy
Peace / Culture of peace
Level of education: 
Primary education


civic education; peaceful coexistence; peace education; primary education; secondary education