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Critical Understanding on Shrinkage and Limitation of UK’s Global Citizenship Education in the Era of Brexit (Journal of Education for International Understanding; Vol. 13, No. 2)
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Seoul | 2018 | p. 119-155
ISSN 2005-3665
Jinhee Kim
Corporate author: 
Korean Society of Education for International Understanding
Europe and North America
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This study aims to analyze the shrinkage and limitation of Global Citizenship Education in the epoch of Brexit. It also attempts to examine a feature of positioning and direction of Global Citizenship Education which is confronted with a sceptical criticism of its' educational impact. In this vein, the major findings and arguments showed the practice and implementation of Global Citizenship Education under the pressure of Brexit faces complicated challenges across Europe including UK, since Brexit highly pursues national centred hegemony and nationalistic bloc. It could hinder the structural restriction of implementing of Global Citizenship Education in UK. Apparently, this study indicated that the phenomenon of Brexit and it's impact is functioning as dynamic learning contents, not for a teaching-learning resource. It has been discussed that Citizens of UK have strived to deal Brexit as a learning experience in life-world. Finally, this study suggests a direction to move forward of Global Citizenship Education in an ever-shrinking world of Brexit.


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Journal articles
Civic / Citizenship / Democracy
International understanding / Globalisation / International education / Interdependency
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Lifelong learning
Non-formal education


Brexit; UK; Global Citizenship Education; EU; Shrinkage; Limitation