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National Environmental Education and Education for Sustainable Development Policy
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Windhoek | 2019 | 21 p.
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Republic of Namibia
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Namibia has become the first country in the SADC region to have a stand-alone National Environmental Education (EE) and Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) Policy. The development of the policy was a long time collaboration between government ministries and civil society. UNESCO through the Sustainability Starts with Teachers programme also supported the process.

The vision of the national EE/ESD Policy is an “educated and empowered Namibia with environmentally literate people taking responsibility and action for a sustainable future”.

The policy is designed to support EE and ESD in formal, non-formal and informal education processes across all sectors of the Namibian society including higher education, teacher education, technical and vocational education institutions, and general education. It gives Namibia the much-needed foundation to work towards ESD for 2030 and the sustainable development goals (SDGs).


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Education for Sustainable Development; Environmental education; ESD; EE; SDGs