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Intercultural and Inclusive Education: Guide for Teachers
Place of publication | Year of publication | Collation: 
Madrid | [2012] | 26 p.
Corporate author: 
Federación de Trabajadores de la Enseñanza (FETE-UGT)
© Federación de Trabajadores de la Enseñanza (FETE-UGT)

This guide brings together some of the key questions and ideas of intercultural education, the aims of which are comprehensive training, equality and training for coexistence.


Resource Type: 
Teaching and learning materials
Cultural literacy / Intercultural / Cross-cultural / Multi-cultural
Social justice / Equity
Inclusive / Diversity
Level of education: 
Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE)
Primary education
Secondary education
Higher education


Intercultural education; Inclusive education; Discrimination; Xenophobia