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Media Literacy: eMedia
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[Paris] | [2021] | 41 p.
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e-Media project Consortium; Erasmus+
Europe and North America
© e-Media project Consortium 2021

The project “eMedia: media literacy and digital citizenship for everyone” aims to promote education for all by producing educational guidelines related to digital practices which consist of three handbooks. These handbooks are supporting possibilities for a new and innovative way of teaching different subjects at school.


The handbooks are devoted to three aspects of digital competence:

1) Educational robotics: to develop computational thinking with hands-on activities

2) Media literacy: to understand the power and the risks of online media.

3) Online expression: to promote wiser use of social media, blogs, web radios and web TVs.


This handbook is addressed to teachers who are interested in developing their media literacy skills and transferring this knowledge to students, in order to enhance their critical thinking, improve their understanding of fake news, and also to give them practical examples of media literacy in the classroom.


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Toolkits and practical guides
Civic / Citizenship / Democracy
Media and Information Literacy
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Primary education
Secondary education


Media literacy; Information literacy; Digital citizenship; MIL