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Discourses on Global Citizenship Education in Africa: Questioning and Answering from a Post-Colonial Perspective (Journal of Education for International Understanding; vol.16, no.3)
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Seoul | 2021 | p. 39-76
pISSN 2005-3665; eISSN 2671-5538
Yoonjung Choi; Yeji Kim
Corporate author: 
Korean Society Of Education For International Understanding
Asia and the Pacific

Theoretically framed by post-colonialism and critical global citizenship education(GCED), this study explored major discourses on and practices of GCED in African countries through the use of a systematic review method. The findings demonstrated that studies related to GCED in African countries pointed out the limitations of state-centered civic education based on uncritical patriotism and passive citizenship, and further emphasize the importance of promoting more critical and reflective GCED. In addition, research emphasized the implementation of alternative and unique GCED education unique built on indigenous African knowledge and philosophy. This study provides significant insights into GCED in the context of South Korea and discusses the pursuit of globally oriented, sustainable GCED aiming for peace and solidarity around the world.


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Research papers / journal articles
Civic / Citizenship / Democracy
Diversity / cultural literacy / inclusive
Globalisation and social justice / International understanding
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Higher education
Lifelong learning
Non-formal education