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The Contribution of the New Mexican Culture to Education for World Citizenship(Sinéctica, Revista electrónica de educación; no. 60)
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[Tlaquepaque] | 2023 | p. 1-14
ISSN 2007-7033
Gloria Esther Briceño Alcaraz
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Sinéctica, Revista Electrónica de Educación
Latin America and the Caribbean
© Gloria Esther Briceño Alcaraz 2023

A couple of years ago, UNESCO suggested transforming educational models based on an in-tegral and humanist paradigm in order to train new generations with a social and civic di-mension, based on human rights. In this essay we propose to analyze the work of education as a preferential instrument not only to develop traditional school skills, but also as an ac-tion to form citizens with a sense of responsibility and social self-awareness that promote a culture of peace. The citizen-subject represents an identity or discursive construction that is forged in the social framework in which it is situated, always in tension between individual freedom, autonomy and collective normative frameworks (Cerda, 2004), hence the interest in approaching from a critical perspective of discourse analysis (Van Dijk, 2014) to the pro-posal of the new educational model of Mexico called the New Mexican School (2022) and open the discussion on this pedagogical model and the formative fields that affect education for global citizenship.


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Research papers / journal articles
Civic / Citizenship / Democracy
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Primary education
Secondary education
global citizenship education
Integral education
Pedagogical models
basic education
Educación para la ciudadanía mundial
Formación integral
Modelos pedagógicos
Educación básica