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5th UNESCO Forum on Transformative Education for Sustainable Development, Global Citizenship, Health and Well-being (Strand 4)
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| 2021 |

Strand 4 – What does progress in transformative education look like – conclusions and next steps


Plenary session 4

The Strand assessed how to best capture progress including possible benchmarks and success indicators in addressing different aspects of transformative education and discussed the way forward.

Moderator: Ms Vibeke Jensen, Director, Division of Peace and Sustainable Development, UNESCO

Presentation of the key ideas for recommendation:

  • Mr Alexander Leicht, Chief of Section of Education for Sustainable Development, UNESCO


  • Mr Nilantha Gunasekara, Deputy Director, School Health and Nutrition Branch, Ministry of Education, Sri Lanka
  • Ms Chandrika Bahadur, Director, SDG Academy
  • Ms Katarina Popovic, Professor, Department of Andragogy, University of Belgrade, Serbia & Secretary General, the International Council for Adult Education (ICAE)
  • Mr Hyun Mook Lim, Director, APCEIU
  • Mr Aaron Benavot, Professor, University of Albany, USA


Concurrent sessions 4

In the concurrent sessions, concrete policy recommendations on advancing transformative education and creating enabling conditions were formulated by policymakers, practitioners and monitoring experts.


Session 4.1 – Policy makers

Moderator: Mr Sam Loni, Programme Director, UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network, USA


  • Ms Catherine Matara, Assistant Director of Education, Ministry of Education, Kenya
  • Ms Sandra Allison Soria Mendoza, Head of the Environmental Education Unit and Environmental Education Specialist, Ministry of Education of Peru
  • Ms Saher Baig, Representative, Youth4Climate


Session 4.2 – Practitioners

Moderator: Ms Monica Froehler, CEO, Ban Ki-moon Centre for Global Citizens


  • Mr Umair Mushtaq, Project Manager, The Little Art, Pakistan
  • Ms Elena Diryugina, Head of methodology and evaluation department, Investment to the Future, Russian Federation
  • Ms Libby Giles, Head of Global Citizenship, St Cuthbert’s College, Director, New Zealand Centre for Global Studies, New Zealand


Session 4.3 – Monitoring experts on measurement frameworks, M&E, and data

Moderator: Mr Ralph Carstens, Senior Research Advisor, International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement (IEA)


  • Ms Mónika Réti, Representative of Hungary, UNECE working group on monitoring of the ESD strategy
  • Mr Le Anh Vinh, Deputy Director General, Viet Nam Institute of Educational Sciences (VNIES)
  • Mr Hilaire Hounkpodoté, Coordinator of the Programme for the Analysis of Education Systems (PASEC), CONFEMEN
  • Mr Guy-Roger Kaba, Coordinator of the Observatory on the Quality of Education, CONFEMEN


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