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Gender Equality and Child Labour: A Participatory Tool for Facilitators
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Beirut | 2006 | 74 p.
ISBN 978-92-2-616678-3
Anita Amorim; UnaMurray; Ségolène Samouiller; Sandhya Badrinath
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International Labour Organization
Arab States
© ILO 2019

Ending child labor and promoting equality between boys and girls, men and women, go hand in hand. This educational tool is designed to demonstrate the necessity of adopting the concept of gender in order to understand the complexity of the phenomenon of girls and boys work and to highlight the impact of gender on children's choices, both with regard to job opportunities and the financial resources available and different for boys and girls.
This educational tool aims to help male and female trainers in Yemen to raise awareness among young people, especially adolescents, and to understand child labor and gender equality. It is based on the basic principle that adolescents have an important role to play by strengthening their awareness of social justice issues and at the same time influencing their society in order to bring about positive change in it. By holding girls and boys accountable and recognizing the value of their contributions, we hope to harness the creative richness and commitment of adolescents to combat child labor and promote gender equality.

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International normative instruments / policy and advocacy documents
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