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National Distance Learning Programmes in Response to the COVID-19 Education Disruption: Case Study of the Republic of Korea
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Paris | 2022 | 29 p.
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Asia and the Pacific

This document is one of several case studies on national distance learning programmes in response to the COVID-19 education disruptions. The case of the Republic of Korea was drawn from the 2020 edition of Mobile Learning Week, organized online in October 2020 under the theme of 'Beyond Disruption: Technology Enabled Learning Futures'. Envisaged to be a continuously enriched mechanism for knowledge sharing and dissemination, the case studies aim to surface best practices worldwide in leveraging digital technology to build inclusive and crisis-resilient learning systems, and to inform the planning of digital transformation of education towards SDG 4 and the futures of learning. Each case study documents governance and funding mechanisms, needs-driven planning of distance learning solutions, evaluation of digital learning’s effects on mitigating disruptions and ensuring inclusion, and pedagogical innovations to maintain or improve the quality of learning.


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Research papers / journal articles
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