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Initial Teacher Education in Citizenship in Latin America: A Comparative Analysis of Six Countries
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Paris; Santiago | 2017 | 102 p.
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UNESCO; Regional Bureau for Education in Latin America and the Caribbean (OREALC/UNESCO Santiago)
Latin America and the Caribbean
© UNESCO 2017

This document reports on a study of initial teacher education in citizenship education in Latin America undertaken as an initiative of the OREALC-UNESCO Regional Strategy on Teacher Policies. Its purpose is to examine citizenship education in the teacher education curricula of six countries in the region –Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico and Peru – researching the general contents of the programs, their organization, and the topics covered, and analyzing teacher preparation in this crucial dimension of the formative experience provided.


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Policy and strategy materials
Case studies and research papers
Civic / Citizenship / Democracy
International understanding / Globalisation / International education / Interdependency
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Primary education
Secondary education
Higher education


Citizenship education; Globalization; Citizens; Democratic Participation