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Paulo Freire's Contributions to Intercultural Education: A Case Study in Compulsory Secondary Education (Ibero-American Journal of Education; vol.76)
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Madrid | 2018 | p.143-168
ISSN 1022-6508
Maria Verdeja Muniz; Xose Anton Gonzalez Riano

The general purpose of this research is to synthesize the contributions of Paulo Freire's pedagogy to intercultural education and study the possibilities of application to the educational system. The research is raised from a qualitative perspective and completed with a case study. At first, an analysis of a selected part of Freire's written work was carried out and the basic lines of what his intercultural sensitivity would be established. In another level of analysis, a study of the subjects of the ESO curriculum in Asturias in its intercultural dimension is carried out. The case study in the educational center shows that, in order to carry out true intercultural education proposals, it would be necessary for there to be some previous conditions that are described in the article.



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Research papers / journal articles
Diversity / cultural literacy / inclusive
Transformative initiatives / Transformative pedagogies
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Higher education