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2nd Integrated GCED Workshop for Educators: Introducing and Advancing Global Citizenship Education
Event Date: 
Thu, 2019/07/11 - Sat, 2019/07/13
Ahlcon International School, New Delhi, India
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Global Citizenship Foundation along with the Council for Global Citizenship Education will organize the 2nd International Integrated-Workshop for Educators on GCED (Global Citizenship Education) from July 11-13, 2019.


This three-day Workshop aims to build the capacity of dynamic educators and school leaders around the world to develop modality to design, develop and embed GCED into the School Curriculum. While enabling participants to deepen their understanding of GCED, the Workshop allows the participants to play a major role and become part of a wider network of educators, GCED practitioners and school leaders for GCED.


During the Workshop, participants will develop a deeper understanding of GCED concepts, context, and purpose; understand the pedagogical principles, approaches, tools, and practices for teaching GCED; exploring participatory and creative pedagogical methods and skills consistent with the values and principles of GCED;  apply design thinking to GCED; design student learning outcomes and assessment tools; and formulate action plans.


As part of the Workshop, participants will also take part in the team-building initiative and will be able to demystify GCED and its implementation strategy.



  • School Leaders/Principals/Heads of Schools.

  • Educators.

  • GCED Practitioners, Advocates.