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6th World Humanities Forum
Event Date: 
Thu, 2020/11/19 - Sat, 2020/11/21
Online (Gyeongju)

The 6th World Humanities Forum (WHF) will be held online from Gyeongju, Korea, from 19 to 21 November 2020. The Forum was launched jointly by UNESCO and the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Korea in 2011. Its aim is to reflect on some of the most pressing issues facing humanity today and focus on the role of the humanities to achieve viable solutions for the future of humanity.


The main theme of the Forum will be "Humanities of Harmony: Striving towards Coexistence and Mutual Prosperity", divided into three sub-themes: exchange and empathy, conflict and embrace, sharing and dissemination.


The sub-theme “Exchanges and Empathy” examines the various types of interactions that take place across cultural, regional and disciplinary boundaries, exchanges between civilizations and empathetic dialogues between East and West on subjects encompassing language, literature, the arts, philosophy and religion.


The sub-theme "Conflict and Embrace" focuses on the study of human history, marked by a combination of continuous cooperation punctuated by confrontation and conflict. This sub-theme is dedicated to examining the issues that plague humanity, both old and new. At the top of the list of perennial problems facing humanity are inequalities and segregation based on ethnicity, gender, class and region and the study of technology issues and their consequences for the world. environment.


The sub-theme "Sharing and dissemination" aims to form a "humanity for all", where knowledge is not a product to be possessed or consumed, but rather a tangible good to be shared with humanity. This sub-theme will deal specifically with a variety of emerging topics, such as the advent of cultural hybridity, the new age of the humanities in the presence of new media, the perspectives of a post- (trans-) human age , and the possibility and sustainability of humanist reasoning.


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