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Almaty Energy Forum - Innovations and Modernization of Energy Systems in Central Asia
Event Date: 
Mon, 2022/11/14 - Wed, 2022/11/16
Almaty, Kazakhstan



Theme & Audience:

This year’s Forum will gather regional policymakers, energy industry, finance sector and academia representatives, especially science and development researchers, to discuss what it takes to build resilient energy systems for the region that are secure, affordable and deliver on net-zero targets. 


Registration: for both in person and virtual participation please register on this link



The aim of this year’s Forum is to:



Local context implications:

The countries in Central Asia are facing a number of challenges and constraints to deliver on carbon neutral energy systems that are based on innovative low- and zero-carbon technologies and modernized energy infrastructure:

  • the ongoing geopolitical crisis in Europe is currently disrupting the reliability of the energy system, impeding the energy flows and posing security risks  
  • the aging infrastructure with low industrial energy efficiencies does not comply with low-carbon, energy-efficient standards
  • the lack of science -based policy-making supported by data, research and holistic energy system approach
  • the supply chain disruptions may slow down or defer the transition to a more sustainable energy system
  • the trade barriers such as the EU Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) might impend the competitiveness of regionally manufactured products
  • the looming climate change and its impact on water resources is recognized as a significant threat to regional peace and security