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Caribbean SIDS Consultative Meeting on Media and Information Literacy Curriculum for Teachers and the Global Standards for MIL Curricula Guidelines
Event Date: 
Thu, 2020/07/30
Online (Kingston)

In light of the spead of disinformation and fake news on the coronavirus pandemic, which can threaten lives,  Media Information Literacy (MIL) is more critical than ever.  


People who are media and information literate, critically evaluate information with which they engage; they think and verify before using or sharing information. The Teachers Task Force is calling on governments, education providers and funders – public and private – and all relevant partners to provide adequate professional support and training. Little attention has been given to providing teachers with adequate training on media and information literacy. We must move swiftly to ensure that teachers receive the necessary professional support.


On July 30, UNESCO in the English and Dutch-speaking Caribbean invites for sub-regional consultations with with MIL experts and practitioners as well as teachers, information and media professionals and other stakeholders. 


This meeting aims to gather advice about crucial content that should be considered for the inclusion in a second edition of the MIL Curriculum and on the Draft Global Standards for MIL Curricula Guidelines.


Contact: Isabel Viera Bermúdez(