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Climate Education: Understanding the past to empower climate action
Event Date: 
Thu, 2021/05/27

Free Webinar: Explore how historic climate data can be used to understand climate change and support climate education, featuring Teal tool


About this event


To coincide with UNESCO’s World on Conference on Education for Sustainable Development, the SECLI-FIRM project invites you to join us for this free, interactive webinar. We will showcase how the World Energy and Meteorology Council's Teal tool can be used as a free resource by educators, students and the public at large to explore changes in climate over time. We will then open the discussion to our panel of experts and the audience to discover how historic climate data can enable learning and empower action on climate change in education. 



12:00 Welcome 

12:05 Introduction (Alberto Troccoli, WEMC) 

12:10 Using climate data for education (ENEL Foundation) 

12:15 Exploring historic climate data with the Teal tool (Luke Sanger, WEMC) 

12:30 Panel: empowering climate action: 

Cristina Rekakavas, Specialist, Green Development and Climate Change, UNITAR 

Sylvia Knight, Head of Education, RMetS 

Mugisha Derrick, Regional Director Africa, Earthday.Org 


Explore Teal for free:


Discover more about Teal and why historical climate data matters for making future decisions: