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Creative Activism Academy - for 15 - 24 year olds
Event Date: 
Fri, 2020/08/28 - Fri, 2020/10/02
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Get equipped with the necessary Global Citizenship knowledge, skills, values and attitudes to take informed and creative action.


About this Event


This series of online expert-led sessions have been programmed to take you through the stages to becoming a creative activist: from why it’s needed, what it means and how you can have the power to make positive changes to our world.


The Creative Activism Academy is open to 15 - 24 year olds in Scotland and will deepen your knowledge and understanding of climate change and the Sustainable Development Goals through a range of creative active and participatory workshops.


As a result of attending the Academy, you will be equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills, values and attitudes to take informed and creative action on global issues related to climate change and migration in the run-up to the UN COP 26 climate change meeting in 2021.


Sessions include:


Global Citizenship & Action


Friday 28 August, 2 - 3pm


This session, led by Colm Regan is designed to further understanding of what Global Citizenship means and the power of a Global Citizen. Together you will explore why it matters, what it looks like, who is a Global Citizen and what is the difference you can make by taking positive action.


Climate Change


Friday 4 September, 2 - 3pm


The Radical Geographer, Paul Turner will share his passion for climate action, enabling understanding of the impact of small actions on climate change and how to engage more people in the debate. By looking at it locally and globally we will explore why we need to act now.




Wednesday 9 September, 3:30 - 4:30 pm


Karen Darke MBE has been central to the development of many leaders globally. By working with her, you will start to recognise the skills and attitudes to be a leader, regardless of age. By exploring what leadership means and who is a leader you will deepen your knowledge of why leadership is needed.


White Washing of Environmental Activism: Practicing Anti-Racism and dismantling white saviour complex


Friday 18 September, 2 - 3 pm


Amy Allard-Dunbar and Afrika Priestley from Intercultural Youth Scotland will provide a critical perspective on Environmentalism from an anti-racist perspective. Looking at the current and historical perpetuation of systematic racism through environmental degradation in a global and UK context, they will help you unlearn the unconscious or conscious biases that history has solidified by decolonising and deconstructing these structures, helping you find your voice in the activism world and ensuring you are amplifying the voices of BIPOC alongside them and before them when necessary.


Creative Activism with Alison Tickell


Friday 25 September, 2 - 3 pm


Julie’s Bicycle is renowned for their creative climate action through art and culture. Join founder Alison Tickell and explore a creative way to look at information and how to communicate in a meaningful, powerful way.


Leading the Change with all Changemakers


Friday 2 October, 2 - 3 pm


Global Youth Officer Lindsay Dunbar, along with Changemaker Facilitators, will help draw together the ideas to create youth-led activism for the Start The Change Festival on 9th of October.


Participants will be sent information in advance of the sessions so the hour online will be fully participatory and engaging.