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Developing Digital Media Literacy Course from CyberSafeKids - 2021
Event Date: 
Tue, 2021/11/09 - Tue, 2021/12/07


CyberSafeKids has partnered with the NYCI Child Protection Programme to offer individuals in the youth work sector the opportunity to enrol in a free 4-session course. The course focuses on developing the increasingly vital skills of digital media literacy in your work. 


This is an opportunity for your own professional development as a youth work leader, to bring your learning back to your organisation, and to explore strategies for empowering the young people you work with to use technology in a stronger, smarter, and safer way.


The course is a weekly online commitment of one hour per week, for four weeks. This is a 4-hour programme in total, with opportunity for further learning, and course evaluation engagement. No prior expertise in digital media literacy or online safety is required- just basic digital skills.  


The aim of this course is to support youth workers and volunteers to enhance your awareness and skills development in digital media literacy so that you can apply and share this learning in your work with young people.


The course will cover the following:

  • Workshop One: Tuesday 9th November 10am-11am
    Understanding Digital Media Literacy (1 hour)
  • Workshop Two: Tuesday 16th November 10am-11am
    Digital Footprint
  • Workshop Three: Tuesday 30th November 10am-11am
  • Workshop Four: Tuesday 7th December 10am-11am
    Promoting Ethical and Responsible Digital Citizenship


The course is delivered online as 4 short interactive workshops. CyberSafeKids are offering 2 separate opportunities to sign up for this course:


2021 opportunity to enrol in the course:

Tuesday 9th, 16th, 30th November and 7th December 2021 10AM-11AM


(please note there is a week’s break between the 16th and 30th November)


For the details on the 2022 opportunity to enrol in the course: 

2022 Course 


Places are limited and attendance is required for all four workshops to take part.




  • To provide leaders in the youth work sector with the opportunity to enhance their knowledge of digital media literacy and how it relates to youth work.
  • To support participants to bring their learning back to their organisation and to share this learning with the young people they work with.
  • To raise awareness of the current challenges that young people face online and to provide guidance relevant to your work.
  • To provide the opportunity to explore strategies for engaging in young people’s digital lives and empowering them to use technology in a stronger, smarter, and safer way.
  • To gain feedback from participants on their experiences and learning.


Participants will gain:

  • A stronger understanding of digital media literacy and how to better navigate the online world.
  • The ability to cascade their learning by engaging in discussions and information-sharing on the topic with the young people you work with.