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The first #GreenCitizens4Citizens online event!
Event Date: 
Mon, 2023/06/19

The #GreenCitizens4Citizens online event brought together two UNESCO Green Citizens projects, Education for Sustainability in the Brazilian Rainforest, and Meli Network. The projects began by sharing their stories, objectives and structures, allowing participants to learn more about volunteering opportunities offered by the two organisations.  


The mission of the Education for Sustainability in the Brazilian Rainforest project, led by Iracambi, is to restore the Atlantic rainforest through actions involving local communities. They presented three programs: the program for environmental leaders aimed at training young people on environmental issues, the forest restoration program, and finally, their "Smart Forest" program which consists of evaluating the impacts of human activities on forest ecosystems. Victoire, a volunteer within Iracambi, shared feedback on her volunteering experience. For her, it has been an opportunity to learn and link the theoretical aspects of her studies with the practical aspects of this field experience.    


Meli Network is on a mission to preserve endangered areas of the Brazilian Amazon by bringing indigenous communities and committed environmental actors together to share their best regenerative practices, such as agroforestry, native beekeeping or bioeconomy. The network is inspired by the sophisticated communication of Meliponini bees. Several volunteering missions are offered by Meli, which has its headquarters in Germany: in digital communication, research funding, community engagement and research. 


This event provided an opportunity for UNESCO Green Citizens projects to meet, exchange ideas and best practices, and to encourage young people to engage in actions aimed at targeting climate change. The #GreenCitizens4Citizen event sparked a lively and informative exchange between project leaders and participants.


If you would like to engage in a volunteering experience, you can discover the +150 UNESCO Green Citizens projects and fill in the following form. This was an event dedicated at presenting projects and matching them with students wishing to volunteer, but note that it is possible to complete this volunteering form throughout the year.


Want to take part in the next #GreenCitizens4Citizens event? Stay tuned on our page for updates.