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Girls in ICT Day - Workshop on Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Event Date: 
Wed, 2020/07/29 - Thu, 2020/07/30
Bangkok, Thailand

In collaboration with ITU, UNESCAP and Thai institutions, UNESCO Bangkok will train young girls from high school to university level in Thailand on AI.

Rapid technological advancements in AI and ICTs are transforming our society, with a direct impact on almost all human activities in different regions worldwide. An emerging gender divide also appears along with the development of this technology – for example, the AI assistants are often projected as young women, which illustrates gender biases coded into technology products. In Thailand, more than half of internet users are women. However, women are two to three times less likely to do ICT related jobs, including programmer, web designer, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to leverage the emerging new technology to empower Thai women to improve gender equality in the technology-related domain.


On the occasion of the International Girls in ICT Day, UNESCO will lead the organization a one and a half-day training on AI for girls in Thailand. The “AI for Girls” workshop aims to make women learners comfortable with AI and equip them for the future labour market. Girls from late secondary school to university will be introduced to the gender bias of technologies, the human-centred ROAM principles for AI, as well as technical aspects related to AI and other ICTs. The workshop seeks to help switch the mindsets of girls from being passive consumers to active creators of technology and to reduce the gender gap in the field of AI.


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