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Global citizenship education for peaceful societies in South-East Europe: a sub-regional capacity-building workshop on the prevention of violent extremism
Event Date: 
Wed, 2018/05/02 - Fri, 2018/05/04
Venice, Italy

UNESCO Headquarters and the UNESCO Regional Bureau in Venice, with the support of UNODC’s Education for Justice (E4J) initiative, will organize a two-day sub-regional capacity workshop entitled “Global Citizenship Education for Peaceful Societies in South-East Europe”, which focuses on the role of education in the Prevention of Violent Extremism. The workshop is being organized in the context of the UNESCO/UNODC partnership on “Global Citizenship Education for a Culture of Lawfulness”.


For two days, a sub-regional capacity-building workshop will bring together representatives of nine participating countries to discuss the role of education in the prevention of violent extremism. The teams participating in the workshop will include a member of the National Commission for UNESCO, a curriculum developer and a teacher trainer or an education policymaker.


Based on UNESCO’s work in the field of Global Citizenship Education, the workshop seeks to improve the understanding among education stakeholders of the drivers of violent extremism in the sub-region and aims to strengthen their capacities to identify and implement effective pedagogical approaches to address this challenge.


After the workshop, participants will be encouraged to develop country follow-up plans and continue exchanging experiences and good practices within the sub-region.


Participation is upon invitation only.



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