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Global Citizenship Summer Conference
Event Date: 
Wed, 2022/08/24

Citizenship education is an important component of the K-12 curriculum throughout Canada. Although every disciplinary area has a role to play in citizenship education, geography provides an especially relevant context in which to develop the skills, knowledge, values, and attitudes fundamental to the creation of an informed, active, and engaged global citizen.


Geography is a discipline that encourages young people to build on their own experiences, helping them to formulate questions, develop their intellectual skills, and find answers to issues affecting their lives. It introduces them to distinctive investigative tools such as maps, fieldwork, and the use of powerful geotechnologies like GIS, GPS, and remote sensing. It opens their eyes to the beauty and wonder around them and acts as a source of inspiration and creativity. More than this, a strong grounding in geography allows students to address the challenges of creating a more sustainable and equitable world; to explore issues involving a broad range of topics, including economic disparities, threats to the environment, globalization, human rights, and quality of life; to acknowledge worldviews that value diversity and social justice; and to analyze government policies, international agreements, and individual rights and responsibilities relating to them.


On Wednesday, August 24, 2022, Can Geo Education invites you to participate in our free, virtual summer conference — Global Citizenship: Inspiring the next generation of changemakers. This event will be made available to any Canadian educator who is looking to connect with other educators, learn from experts, and discover engaging, classroom-ready resources for the upcoming school year.