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Globalizing the Shared Education Model for promoting intergroup relations through education
Event Date: 
Fri, 2019/03/01
Paris, France

Shared education is a novel equality and rights respecting approach to building relations between ethno/religious groups in divided and transitioning societies. The model was initiated in Northern Ireland (NI) around the mid-2000s and since then has been piloted in a number of other divided jurisdictions, including some Balkan states and Israel. The intentions of the model are threefold: educational, economic and social, and the delivery mechanism is the creation of shared learning opportunities between schools that are separated along ethnic and religious lines.


This seminar explores the development of Shared Education in NI and presents the research evidence for the initiative. During the discussions, colleagues from countries piloting shared education will share their experiences and reflect on the policy transferability of shared education.



Centre for Shared Education of Queen's University Belfast

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Democracy and Global Citizenship

Intercultural Dialogue

Culture of Peace and Non-violence