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IDEA Annual Conference 2022: The Future of Global Citizenship: Educating for a Changing World
Event Date: 
Tue, 2022/06/21 - Wed, 2022/06/22
Online (Dublin)
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Join us to explore The Future of Global Citizenship: educating for a changing world


This conference will provide a space for exploring the future of Global Citizenship Education in the context of the changes that are shaping our future. We are living in a time of great change. From the upheaval of the Covid 19 pandemic, to the push for systemic change to tackle racism and the climate emergency. Technology is allowing people to connect and mobilise around issues in a way that hasn’t been seen previously in history, but this is also fueling an increase in polarisation and division.


The rapid response to the pandemic has shown that positive change can be achieved quickly, if the will is there. While the scale of the challenges we face can be overwhelming, we need to be effective and collective in our response to these issues. This will require skills that support interconnected global learning, critical thinking and effective action.


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