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IDEA Virtual Conference 2021 Global Citizenship and Inequality 2021: Forging a New Path?
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Tue, 2021/06/22 - Thu, 2021/06/24
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Join us to explore Global Citizenship and Inequality in 2021: Forging a new Path?


This conference will provide a space to explore global citizenship and inequality in the context of what’s happening in 2021. Covid 19 has highlighted inequality around the world, initially leading to an increased, collective sense of solidarity and empathy. While there has been a lot of discussion about creating a new normal and building back fairer, as with everything in the past year, this is now in flux as fatigue sets in and the vaccine roll out in many countries offers a glimpse of ‘normality’ and the comfort of the familiar.


Some of the questions we’ll be asking include:


  • Last year was characterised by empathy and solidarity, but have we reached a crossroads? Will that sense of solidarity lead us to ‘build back fairer’, or is fatigue setting in and will the comfort of the familiar prove too strong?
  • Covid has given us a lived experience of how essential global solidarity is, but how can we keep that sense of global citizenship alive? 
  • How can Global Citizenship Education help people process this experience so that the lessons learnt inspire systemic change?


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Registration for Global Citzenship & Inequality in 2021: Forging a new Path? is now open. We aim to make this a truly interactive online experience and are delighted that you'll be joining the community of participants around it.


The prices outlined below are suggestions, and we are providing the option to pay what you can. If you have any questions regarding registration or if, in lieu of payment, you would like to make a contribution by volunteering around the conference you can contact us.


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Join us to explore what we can do to forge a new path towards a rights-based recovery that supports equality for all!