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Impact of COVID-19 on Higher Education and Recognition, 27 May, 15:00-17:00 (Bangkok, GMT+7)
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Wed, 2020/05/27

The outbreak of COVID-19 is having a huge impact on education, higher education and recognition. The temporary closure of educational institutions due to the COVID-19 pandemic is leading to changes in qualifications, including examinations at the end of upper secondary school, which is some cases were modified by mode of delivery, postponed, or were cancelled. These changes sometimes lead to a qualification that could be based on average marks of previous learning, or no final qualification at all. This poses several issues for access to higher education, both in terms of assessment procedures and access requirements, and in terms of equality of treatment of students, fair recognition and ensuring the right to education. Recognition of disrupted learning is a crucial turning point for higher education systems and further information sharing is essential.


With a view towards the internationalization and fair recognition of qualifications, the impact of the pandemic will be long-lasting, including on cross-border mobility. Going forward it is important that we shift attention to post-pandemic planning to ensure the highest degree possible of quality and fairness in the recognition process, as well as the continued support to internationalization and recognition of qualifications granted during the current emergency period based on authoritative information sharing in Europe, Asia-Pacific and worldwide. The discussion of these issues at regional level in the framework of the RecoASIA project is aimed at supporting the current and future dialogue of regional and interregional cooperation in the field of recognition. The RecoASIA project aims at favouring and increasing the quality of vertical and horizontal mobility within the Asian and European higher education systems by increasing the recognition of qualifications within the two regions.


Join an interactive webinar to explore emerging challenges and new futures of higher education, including recognition practices from Europe and the Asia-Pacific featuring speakers from: Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Mongolia, Republic of Korea, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Viet Nam.


This special event is co-organized by UNESCO’s Asia and Pacific Regional Bureau for Education in collaboration with CIMEA, in the framework of the RecoASIA project.


Time: : 10:00–12:00 in Rome (GMT+2)/ 15:00-17:00 in Bangkok (GMT+7), 27 May 2020

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