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Join the Digital Education Dialogue: Learning from the experience of the Egyptian Knowledge Bank
Event Date: 
Thu, 2024/04/04

As part of the Gateways to Public Digital Learning Initiative, UNESCO and UNICEF are launching a series of monthly online Digital Education Dialogues


Join us for the first edition: a conversation with the team that built the national digital learning platform in Egypt on 4 April 2024 (3:00 – 4:30pm, Paris time). Team members will share lessons they have learned developing, sustaining and enriching a public digital learning platform that supports education and research for tens of millions of students and teachers. 


During the webinar, presenters will share insights about how the team:

  • negotiates with education publishers;
  • guarantees perpetual rights to high quality content;
  • selects and integrates applications and functionalities for schools and teachers;
  • ensures platform security; and
  • benefits the research community and makes Arabic language research easier to find.


You are kindly invited to register here.