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Purposeful Partnerships: Engaging New Sectors in GCE
Event Date: 
Wed, 2021/05/05 - Fri, 2021/05/07
Online (Helsinki)
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Be inspired to engage in meaningful partnerships with other sectors. Learn more about how to work with Global Citizenship Education and Lifelong Learning in companies, media sector, trade unions and any other kind of partnership you can imagine. Your new partnerships may result in new actions for a just and sustainable world.


In this online training we shall work with storytelling, provide you with valuable tips and case stories from our Bridge 47 journey over the past three years. We shall have a closer look at different types of partnerships and ways to approach them. Among other things you shall learn more about effective language, models of meaningful cooperation as well as find out how Global Citizenship Education is a great tool to help partners better understand issues of poverty, human rights and development.


We are looking forward to meeting you and to spend fruitful time together. The training is co-organized by Fingo and Bridge 47 project.


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Time: 11.30-13.15 (EET)
Location: Zoom
Participation fee: 30 €
Registration by: 27 April


Agenda of the training


Day 1: Why Partnerships?
-Discuss how partnerships with other sectors can support the mission of Global Education- a fair and sustainable world.
-Explore different types of partnerships from the philanthropic to the transformative.
-Map potential partners/ sectors and their links to sustainable development.
-Reflect on examples of cross-sector Global Education partnerships -in other countries.


Day 2: Communicating your purpose
-Reflect and gain clarity on your purpose.
-Explore the power of the Global Education method of storytelling for communicating your purpose.
-Consider the importance of tone of voice.
-Create a story to communicate your purpose to prospective partners (Your pitch!).


Day 3: The Partnership journey
-Reflect on the stages of the partnerships journey.
-Share your experiences of partnerships.
-Role-play an initial meeting with a prospective partner.
-Gain insight and tips on identifying, initiating and sustaining a successful partnership.
-Discuss our needs as regards engaging in GCE partnerships with other sectors and ways forward for our sector.


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