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Regional Workshop on Participatory Research and Advocacy on Urban Inclusion
Event Date: 
Tue, 2018/08/28 - Wed, 2018/08/29
Beirut, Lebanon

UNESCO is organizing a 2-day regional meeting that aims to share the experiences and methodologies of participatory and interdisciplinary policy research to understand the urban inclusion among Arab researchers and to explore ways of collaboration in promoting urban inclusion through effective policy dialogues.


The workshop is the result of a collaboration between the UNESCO Offices of Beirut, Cairo and Rabat. It is targeting 35 researchers from social and human sciences, urban design and planning, environmental health and science, business and law, will:


  • Present a panorama of available research methodologies on urban inclusion, including the experience of “collection and analysis of good practices inclusive and sustainable cities” in Lebanon, implemented through a partnership among UNESCO, UNHABITAT and Beirut Arab University;

  • Support the implementation of a territorial analysis as per the Tunis Declaration as adopted by the Coalition of Arab Cities against Racism, Discrimination, Xenophobia and Tolerance namely by sharing relevant experiences;

  • Reflect on the current challenges of urban inclusion in Arab cities including the inclusion of migrants, youth, disabled, and other vulnerable groups, and support regional research in this area.



Coalition of Arab Cities against Racism, Discrimination, Xenophobia and Intolerance

The Tunis Declaration

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Learning to Live Together

Social Transformations

Democracy and Global Citizenship

Intercultural Dialogue

Culture of Peace and Non-violence