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Restoring the Planet: Faith Drives Urgent Action
Event Date: 
Thu, 2021/06/03

Faith and community leaders have been recognized as pivotal in protecting the environment and working towards climate action. Their responsiveness is crucial, especially at the local level and with other faith actors.


Faith and indigenous communities embrace an ethical and spiritual responsibility to protect our planet. Their advocacy calls for restorative action and promotion of sustainable land management should be heard and heeded. Faith and indigenous communities already drive urgent actions in many places that promise to restore degraded forests, cleaning up rivers and coasts, greening the cities, etc. Their commitments point to sustainable solutions in line with international standards and local development priorities in the affected environments. Indigenous knowledge can be a vital resource of knowledge in keeping use of natural resources sustainable. Despite managing only 25% of the world’s surface area, indigenous people protect 80% of global biodiversity.


The webinar will host indigenous activists, telling their stories and journeys to change.


We will discuss with representatives of Faith communities addressing how can religious actors involved in dialogue and civil activism a show a constructive path forward to restore our environment?; How can faith leaders better support policymakers to ensure the timely restoration of relationships between community and nature into long-lasting, sustainable one?; What approaches can be taken to ensure that appropriate reforming subsidies and policies are invested in order to meet the environmental sustainability goals by 2030?.


Climate Action is already taking off around the world. Follow the movement and tag your social media posts with #GenerationRestoration, #GenerationEquality and #Faith4Earth.


Details of the interesting and diverse all-female panel will be shared shortly.