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Sankofa - Storytelling for the digital age: Teacher workshops
Event Date: 
Mon, 2021/02/22 - Wed, 2021/03/10
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Join us for a series of interactive and practical workshops where we explore the power of storytelling to engage and empower young people.


About this Event


Sankofa - Storytelling for the digital age: Teacher workshops


Read a little bit more about the workshops:


Anti-racism through Storytelling


In this workshop we will explore how storytelling can be a catalyst for anti-racist practice. We will begin by exploring the impact of discriminatory storytelling in storybooks, film and wider culture. We will then consider how to counteract this impact by amplifying other perspectives and bringing intention and consciousness to language, description and storylines.


This workshop is being held on:

  • Monday 22 February 4 - 5pm and
  • Wednesday 10 March 5 - 6pm


Gender Equality and Storytelling


In this workshop we will explore one of the global goals and how we can engage our pupils and students in future-orientated thinking about gender equality. We will explore practical ideas that you can take away and use with your class or young people to help them challenge gender stereotypes and set their own vision for their future.


This workshop is being held on:

  • Monday 22 February 5 - 6pm and
  • Wednesday 3 March 4 - 5pm


Storytelling as a Wellbeing Tool


This workshop will explore the impact the art of storytelling can have on supporting emotional health and wellbeing. The impact of COVID-19 on the emotional health and wellbeing of children, young people, teachers and society at large is immense. Our workshop will take you through some tried and tested creative and dialogic approaches.


This workshop is being held on:

  • Wednesday 3 March 5 - 6pm and
  • Wednesday 10 March 4 - 5pm


These workshops are fully funded.



Monday 22 February

Wednesday 3 March

Wednesday 10 March



4 – 5pm and 5 - 6pm



Workshop themes


The themes of gender, anti-racism and wellbeing explored through these workshops were a core part of the work the Sankofa project carried out with teachers and their pupils. They are linked to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals – also known as the Global Goals.


What will you gain from attending the workshops?


By coming along to the workshops, you will develop skills to help your pupils and students:

  • use storytelling to improve their literacy and oracy skills
  • improve their critical thinking, self-efficacy, self-confidence, creativity, presentation skills and IT skills
  • gain multiple perspectives and an increased understanding of other cultures
  • develop intercultural competences through exploring local-to global themes, learning from the past and present stories and visioning new stories for a fairer , more sustainable future.


We will also be sharing the rich resources developed through the Sankofa project, including the Sankofa toolkits.


Who should come along?


We welcome anyone who is interested in developing storytelling skills in young people. We do think it is an ideal opportunity, though, for:

  • primary and secondary teachers
  • lead language, geography and citizenship teachers
  • head teachers
  • education advisors
  • youth workers
  • people working in teacher training establishments.


A bit about the project


The Sankofa - Storytelling for the digital age project has worked with schools in three countries and four locations (Cumbria and London, UK, Czech Republic and Slovakia) for the past two years., with funding from Erasmus+.


SANKOFA is a word in the Twi language from Ghana, which can be translated as “go back and get it”. Our project looks back to one of the most ancient forms of human communication – storytelling; a vessel our ancestors used to pass on wisdom and values for a better life for all on this Earth. We explored stories from across the world, many of which share strikingly similar values and prize similar skills, to find solutions for our most urgent challenges today, towards a more sustainable future for all.


Young people today are growing up in an increasingly globalised and media-rich world. This project is designed to help teachers gain skills and competences to enable children to critically engage with and make sense of the modern world.


Sankofa combines traditional storytelling techniques with digital technologies so that pupils gain skills in both storytelling and digital literacy, such as online recording, editing and sharing their stories across national borders.