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From Theory to Practice - Time to Act for „ESD for 2030“
Event Date: 
Fri, 2021/05/21


When? Friday, 21 May 2021, 2:30 to 4:30 pm CET.


Where? Online – you will receive the login details with your confirmation of participation




Contact: Lara Fedorchenko 


Climate change, growing inequality, the threat to democratic structures and a lack of political participation – there are various interconnected challenges for a sustainable and just future to address the impacts of the polypandemic. SDG 4 and in particular SDG 4.7 underline the importance of life long learning for tackling those multiple challenges. In this context, ESD offers a key framework for education to be the driving force of an urgently needed social transformation.


In November 2020, UNESCO launched its new programme „ESD for 2030“. It is now the turn of UNESCO member states to translate this programme into concrete action. At the UNESCO World Conference from 17 to 19 May, member states are called to present their plans to realise „ESD for 2030“ in their national context.


What are the outcomes of the UNESCO World Conference on ESD? What does it need to realise the programme „ESD for 2030“ on state level? How can we strengthen civil society’s influence in this process? In our online-seminar we invite you to discuss these questions with us. We will report from the UNESCO-World conference and introduce you to the idea of civil society shadow reports.


2:30 pm Warm welcome of speakers and participants, technical advise and presentation of the agenda

2:45 pm How do member states commit to realise „ESD for 2030“? - Report from the UNESCO World Conference


3:30 pm Open Round of Q&A


4:00 pm Strengthening civil society perspectives – introduction of shadow reports

4:15 pm Open Round of Q&A

4:25 pm Closing remarks

4:30 pm End Moderator: Monika Duelge (One World Network North Rhine Westphalia)


Disclaimer: The contents of this event are the sole responsibility of the project partners and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Union or the Germany Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.