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Webinar #3 for Latin America: Status of teachers and support needed for their work in times of COVID-19
Event Date: 
Fri, 2020/05/15

This webinar will be in Spanish and will cover 3 priority dimensions for the region, sharing experiences of different actors in the Latin American context, regarding:

  • Job security and teachers' working conditions, addressing the challenges, demands and actions taken from the perspective of trade union actors and governments.
  • Training, tools and support for distance education, in different formats, considering the challenges of contextualization, relevance, flexibility of learning in the context of crisis and accessibility and equity for groups that tend to be more excluded.
  • Social-emotional support, both that required by teachers and the skills they need to support families and students


The objectives are:

  • To share the challenges and experiences of support mechanisms and assurance of working conditions for teachers and other education personnel in Latin America and the Caribbean during the current socio-health emergency
  • To promote the exchange of initiatives and projections in relation to support, accompaniment and training for teachers and education workers in order to promote distance education, in different formats, in the perspective of guaranteeing continuity in education for children and young people in the region
  • To review and share experiences regarding socio-emotional support, both for teachers and from them to their students and families, which have emerged or been strengthened in the context of COVID-19.


The event is aimed at:

  • Teachers, education workers, school management teams
  • Trade unions of education workers
  • Staff and teacher training institutions
  • Education policy makers in ministries and intermediate institutions
  • Professionals and specialists from UNESCO and other international agencies