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Webinar on "Equality, diversity and inclusion in museums beyond sustainable development paradigm"
Event Date: 
Mon, 2020/05/18
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On May 18, International Museum Day, CEI and Bridge47 is organising a webinar in co-operation with the Latvian Museum Association in order to raise awareness among museum staff about Global Citizenship Education and the Sustainable Development Goals, and initiate practical involvement of the museums in the achievement of the SDGs.


The webinar will be facilitated by Dr. Višnja Kisić who is a researcher, educator and practitioner in the heritage and museum field. The event will introduce a wider set of activities created by the Latvian Museum Association and cooperation partners in 2020–2021, and will focus on aspects of sustainable development in various areas of museum activity in Latvia and the Baltic States.


Participants are invited to review and discuss the prevailing practices in museums, and experiment with museological tools to address broader social, ecological, economic and cultural issues.