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GCED Curriculum Development and Integration in Thailand (2024-2026) - Moving Forward with the Capacity Building Workshop

In partnership with APCEIU, the Office of the Basic Education Commission of Thailand (OBEC) has taken their first step in the 3-year project of Global Citizenship Education Curriculum Development and Integration (GCED CDI), following up on its official launch in May, by organizing the Capacity Building Workshop on GCED for the Curriculum Development Committee (CDC) members from 13 to 14 June 2024 in Bangkok, Thailand. 


Launched in 2016, the Global Citizenship Education Curriculum Development and Integration (GCED CDI) project is one of the APCEIU’s flagship projects, and in 2024, Thailand, alongside Morocco, Pakistan and Nepal, is participating in the 5th Round (2024-2026) of the GCED Curriculum Development and Integration project. 


This workshop was organized by the Office of the Basic Education of Thailand, the implementing agency of the project, in support of APCEIU, for providing the overview of the conceptual framework of GCED, its application to Thai context, and the orientation of the GCED CDI project, including the practical resources to the Curriculum Development Committee members who will be the main bodies of implementing this project. 


Around 24 participants from the various Bureau and departments at the Office of the Basic Education, stakeholders from universities and schools, GCC-ESD at Chulalongkorn University (Thailand), UNESCO Bangkok Office, and APCEIU participated in the workshop. 


The first day of the workshop consisted of two main themes: Introductory sessions on GCED and the GCED CDI Project provided by APCEIU and Contextualization of GCED in Thai Education and its application for the curriculum mapping by the GCC-ESD at Chulalongkorn University, the 1st Round partner of APCEIU’s GCED Cooperation Centres (GCC) programme. Following the introductory sessions, active discussions including the QnA went on among the participants for the efficient and successful implementation of the project in Thailand. As Thailand is currently preparing the competence-based curriculum, strategies to link the Project to this process and make mutual contributions were also discussed.


The second day of the workshop started with the introduction of the useful GCED resources and materials on GCED by APCEIU and sharing of the examples and publications in Thailand by various stakeholders from GCC-ESD at Chulalongkorn University, UNESCO Bangkok Office and OBEC. Then, the sessions further introducing and discussing the details of the GCED CDI Project in Thailand, followed, discussing strategies, human resources, and practical issues.


The workshop concluded with practical suggestions for the next steps while identifying a number of broader challenges to be further discussed and resolved throughout the project implementation process.