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1st Capacity-Building Training Workshop for the 5th Batch of the National GCED Lead Teachers


Co-organized by Ministry of Education and APCEIU, ‘Capacity-Building Workshop for the 5th Batch of the National GCED Lead Teachers’ was held from 14th to 18th of January, 2019, awarding a letter of appointment to 67 teachers who successfully completed the workshop. Those are representative teachers appointed by 17 MPOEs (Metropolitan and Provincial Offices of Education) to play pivotal roles in disseminating and implementing global citizenship education (GCED) in Korea.


GCED Lead Teachers Programme in Korea has been jointly organized by the MOE and APCEIU since 2015 to effectively spread GCED in Korea, which was adopted as the global education and development agenda by the global community in the same year. As of 2018, over 2,500 Lead Teachers including 230 National and 2,290 Provincial GCED Lead Teachers have been actively involved in GCED activities nationwide.


Taking into account the participating teachers’ passion, interest, and rich experiences on GCED, this workshop not only provided lectures for in-depth understanding of the concepts and themes of GCED, but also enabled them to actively participate in the sharing GCED practices, developing action plan, and exploring implementation strategies that reflect the context of their respective regions.


As National GCED Lead Teachers, participants will organize delivery training workshops targeting Provincial GCED Lead Teachers and general school teachers, conduct field-based research on GCED, carry out various GCED activities, and manage the teachers’ study associations and supervise their colleague teachers. With these roles, participants are expected to broaden their GCED practices in their schools and local communities, and ultimately to contribute to the promotion of quality global citizenship education in Korea. 


Participants will be invited back to APCEIU during 8-9 August 2019 for the 2nd Capacity-Building Workshop to share practices in their own region and to examine the future direction to further implement GCED nationwide.