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The 5th Youth Leadership Workshop on Global Citizenship Education


Monday 3rd June marked the beginning of the 5th Youth Leadership Workshop on Global Citizenship Education (GCED), organized by APCEIU in partnership with the GCED Youth Network. Inviting 42 participants from 37 countries in Asia-Pacific, Africa, Europe, Arab States, and Latin America and Caribbean regions, the Workshop lasted for a week aiming at deepening youth leader’s’ understanding of global citizenship and human rights. The Workshop also served as a platform for the youth participants to network, exchange ideas and discuss contemporary global issues. 




The Workshop was structured in five key segments: Narrative building for global citizenship, story sharing, study visits, reflections and developing youth advocacy. The Workshop began with learning about the foundations of global citizenship through the series of lectures and discussions on introducing various perspectives and critical issues on global citizenship. Having learned about the key concepts in GCED, the program followed with several sharing activities where participants had the chance to see how global citizenship education is implemented in different NGO’s and social activists’ projects. Participants themselves also had an opportunity to share their own initiatives and projects to further showcase the diverse ways of how global citizenship and human rights are promoted. The Workshop also included study visits to relevant sites such as Women & War Museum, Democracy & Human Rights Memorial Hall, and Seoul Upcycling Plaza. 




Throughout the Workshop, participants were regularly involved in reflection exercises to allow them to think critically about what they have learned and experienced during the workshop. The Workshop concluded with participants splitting into regional groups to establish action plans for advocacy for GCED. On the last day of the Workshop, all groups presented their plans which were further discussed by all participants, Youth Network members and APCEIU.