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Advanced Workshop on GCED for Alumni in 2023

22 October 2023


APCEIU held the 'Advanced Workshop on Global Citizenship Education (GCED) for Alumni in 2023' from October 16th (Monday) to 22nd (Sunday). This workshop brought together 27 educators and youth leaders from 13 countries who have diligently implemented GCED projects in their local communities over the past three years. Participants, who have been practising GCED in various social and educational settings, engaged in in-depth workshops that included poster presentations, case study forums, and participation in 'The 8th International Conference on Global Citizenship Education’, and also shared their experiences and discussed the diverse possibilities, impacts, and future directions of GCED.



On the first day, during the poster presentation session, participants displayed various visual materials such as posters, brochures, pamphlets, reports, or case study videos to introduce and share their educational activities and projects.



Additionally, through four case study forums, all participants shared their experiences in teacher education, global citizenship education practices in classrooms and communities, and youth-led global citizenship education activities. They presented the effects and influences of their activities on students, fellow educators, schools, and local communities based on their years of experience. After the presentations, there were discussion sessions where they shared advice and ideas for future activities.



On October 18th and 19th, during the two-day conference, 'The 8th International Conference on Global Citizenship Education,' participants engaged as speakers, panelists, debaters, and attendees. Through presentations, debates, and exchanges with GCED experts, educators, and practitioners worldwide, participants had the opportunity to learn about various GCED practices, policies, and development strategies globally. This allowed them to broaden their perspectives and identify potential future collaborative partnerships for their future activities.


Following the conference, participants engaged in workshops with themes such as ''Critical Digital Citizenship' and 'Creating Peaceful and Safe Learning Spaces.' During the 'Critical Digital Citizenship' workshop, participants utilized the Media and Information Literacy (MIL) guidebook developed by APCEIU, which allowed them to integrate digital citizenship into their GCED projects, critically examining the competencies and roles that contemporary global citizens should possess. Also, participants discussed the significance of creating peaceful and safe learning spaces and practical plans educators should pursue in that learning culture in diverse educational settings.



On the last day, participants shared their impressions, insights, practical applications, and future plans based on the three elements of GCED, known as '3H' (Head, Hand, and Heart - Cognitive, Socio-Emotional, and Behavioral). They expressed that this workshop allowed for a deeper understanding of the true meaning of GCED. They emphasized that they had the meaningful opportunity to experience interconnectedness and a sense of solidarity, reflect on their past educational activities, and contemplate their roles as global citizens and practitioners, strengthening their determination to promote GCED. Participants committed to continue networking with fellow educators and youth leaders, promoting and practising global citizenship education.