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Capacity-Building Workshop for GCED Curriculum Development & Integration in Georgia

From 27 to 29 October 2021, APCEIU conducted a Capacity-Building Workshop for Georgia, one of the 3rd Round countries participating in the GCED Curriculum Development & Integration Project. GCED Curriculum Development & Integration Project is a three-year programme that aims to mainstream the GCED into partner countries' national curriculum. In this regard, Georgia will be developing a GCED embedded curriculum or teaching and learning materials that reflect its national contexts and demands by 2023.



Dr Hyun Mook Lim, Director of APCEIU, celebrated Georgia for embarking on the project. Also, Mr Berika Shukakidze, Director of TPDC (National Center for Teacher Professional Development), expressed his expectations and excitement for the workshop that will lay the foundation of the three-year project.


GCED Curriculum Development Committee of Georgia consists of members from the Ministry of Education and Science (MoES) and TPDC. The participants gained a deeper understanding of GCED and curriculum development. They also took this opportunity to ponder how to connect the dots between GCED and specific themes such as democratic citizenship, human rights education, and climate crisis. The workshop was finalized with a discussion, sharing the future plans and innovative ideas, including developing an online platform.