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Enhancement Workshop on GCED Curriculum Development and Integration for Mongolian Project Coordinators: A Synergy between Mongolia’s Passion and Korea’s Expertise

An enhancement workshop for the Mongolian GCED curriculum developers was held by APCEIU on 15 to 18 November. Seven participants, including researchers at the Mongolian Institute for Educational Research (MIER), a professor at the Mongolian National University of Education, and a teacher at a GCED model school, attended the workshop as representatives of the GCED curriculum development project team in Mongolia. For the workshop, Seoul Ancheon Elementary School and the Korea Institute for Curriculum and Evaluation (KICE) provided special cooperation.


Mongolia has been developing and disseminating GCED curriculum in collaboration with APCEIU since last year, and its major outcome, a teacher’s guide on GCED will be published next year. In support of the project, the purpose of the workshop was to provide an opportunity for the Mongolian project team to collect resources and feedback from GCED experts and schools in Korea for the development of the Mongolian teacher’s guide on GCED.


In his welcoming remarks, Utak Chung, Director of APCEIU, expressed thanks to the Mongolian government’s wholehearted support and the project team’s devotion in the GCED curriculum development. He wished for the workshop to provide upmost valuable supplementation to the development of the Mongolian teacher’s guide on GCED, and to serve as an opportunity to deepen the solidarity between the two countries under GCED.


Throughout the 4-day workshop, the participants deepened their understanding on GCED through hearing the experience on the development of the GCED curriculum guide in Korea, receiving lectures on transformative pedagogies for GCED, visiting a GCED research school, and engaging in consultation with Korean GCED Lead teachers and curriculum developers from KICE. With the invitation by the Seoul Ancheon Elementary School to the report meeting on the GCED research school activities, workshop participants gained on-site experience by closely observing GCED classes in play and exchanging dialogue with teachers and students at the school.


Sid Sanjaabadam, Research Director of MIER, proclaimed as the spokesperson to use the acquired experiences and resources to enhance the Mongolian teacher’s guide on GCED. Also, she hoped for the outcomes of the Mongolian team’s endeavor to reciprocate as valuable resources to Korea, creating a cycle of mutual support and cooperation between the two countries.