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Fostering Global Citizenship for Sustainable Heritage Conservation among Local Government Officials

A joint workshop with UNITAR CIFAL Jeju was held during 17-20 Oct 2018


Heritage sites have been damaged or destroyed as a result of direct hits, or as collateral damage related to armed conflicts, terrorism, and climate change. These challenges call for global citizens who recognize the value of heritage and put concerted efforts to protect the non-renewable resource beyond national boundaries.


Against this background, APCEIU and UNITAR CIFAL Jeju International Training Center co-organized a Workshop on Fostering Global Citizenship for Sustainable Heritage Conservation for four days between 17 and 20 of October 2018 in Jeju Island, Republic of Korea.


This workshop was designed for local government officials from the Asia-Pacific region to equip them with knowledge and skills on global citizenship and sustainable heritage conservation. The participants have analyzed the current status of their local heritage conservation to identify issues and challenges faced by communities, and discussed on the critical role of citizens and communities along with policies to ensure the sustainable conservation of heritage.


A total of 23 participants from 15 countries consisting of officials from national and local government as well as local organizations related to heritage policy and management attended the workshop. This workshop aimed to enhance participants’ understanding of global citizenship and leadership capacity to implement innovative practices of heritage conservation for sustainable development.


At the opening of the workshop, mentioning numerous global challenges that threaten the sustainable life and development, Director Utak Chung stressed the importance of local government officials’ roles by reminding them of their assumed role and responsibility to bring changes to their own society.


The workshop was facilitated in the participatory format through presentations, dialogue, group works and activities to help participants deepening their understanding on sustainable heritage conservation and fostering global citizenship. During the four days of the workshop, participants presented their case studies, exchanged knowledge as well as opinions and at the end, established action plans to be implemented in their respective local settings. This workshop was a platform for local government officials to build capacities and build up network in the Asia-Pacific region.