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Kick-Off Meeting for GCED Curriculum Development and Integration

From the 19th to 22nd March, APCEIU held a Kick-off Workshop to launch the 2nd round of GCED Curriculum Development and Integration project. For the last 3 years, from 2016 to 2018, APCEIU has successfully finished the 1st round of GCED Curriculum Development and Integration project for four countries, Cambodia, Colombia, Mongolia, and Uganda. The 2nd round project, for the next 3 years, involves four new participating countries which are Sri Lanka and Philippines from Asia, Kenya from Africa, and Lebanon from Arab States. In the first year, MOU will be concluded with the respective MOEs (Ministries of Education), and there will be situational analysis and local capacity building workshop for tailored assistance to each country.


A total of 30 people attended the workshop, including the 2nd round countries’ MOE officials, researchers and relative people from the major partner organization, 1st round government officials, and APCEIU staff. Respective participants of the 2nd round successfully kicked off the project by sharing their 3 year plan and discussing detailed implementation strategy of the first year. Particularly in this workshop, a workshop program was held to not only establishing a cooperative system between the 1st round and 2nd round countries, but also, strengthening the competence for the both round countries.


The agenda of the Kick-off Meeting was as follows:

  • Introduction to the GCED Curriculum Development and Integration project

  • Sharing project contents and achievements of the 1st round countries

  • Methodology for the development of GCED and its application on domestic curriculum

  • Monitoring of GCED curriculum development and guide for evaluation

  • Experiencing GCED teaching method

  • Discussion for establishing specific action plans for each country

  • Reviewing delivery system for national curriculum and monitoring system

  • Sharing key documents and materials for status research

  • Discussing about plan and role division to hold local capacity building workshop


This meeting was able to reaffirm on-going effort of GCED advocacy in the participating countries and secure continuous partnership between APCEIU and the relevant institutions for the next three years.