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Share your voice: What do you wish for the education of the next generation of girls?

2020 is a pivotal year as the global community comes together to mark the 25th anniversary of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action.


Adopted unanimously by 189 countries, the Beijing Declaration  is considered as the key global policy document on gender equality and the most ambitious roadmap for the empowerment of girls and women everywhere.


As we reflect on the past 25 years, we also look forward to actions that can empower girls and women to go to school, learn, apply their education and thrive in their communities and societies.


UNESCO and the Global Education Monitoring Report have produced a joint factsheet on gender equality in education with the latest facts and stats. It provides information on the bottom ten countries for girls’ education from the WIDE database, managed jointly with the UNESCO Institute for Statistics. It also draws on data from UNESCO’s Her Atlas, which measures the status of national legal frameworks related to girls’ and women’s right to education.


In an effort to raise the profile of girls’ education, UNESCO has launched a campaign leveraging the collective force of education advocates. The campaign seeks the input of girls, women, boys, men, youth, teachers and all stakeholders around the world.


Tell us what your wish is for the next generation of girls. Girls and women, how has education transformed your life? How do you see gender equality in education progressing in the next 25 years?


Add your voice through this online survey. Your input will help shape decisions to advance action on girls’ education and gender equality in the next 25 years and beyond.


Help us to ensure girls’ education is at the forefront of discussion. We count on you, so don’t wait and take part in this campaign.


These efforts directly contribute to UNESCO’s initiative, Her education, our future, launched last year and calling for accelerated collective action in favour of girls’ and women’s education.


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