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Analysis of State and Administrative (departmental) Statistics in the Field of Gender Discrimination with a Focus on Violence and Human Trafficking
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Bishkek | 2018 | 85 p.
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United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)
Asia and the Pacific
© UNODC 2018

The analytical review includes brief information on the legislative bases of statistics in the field of gender discrimination, violence, and human trafficking, as well as departmental regulations regulating the collection of statistics on this issue in state statistics bodies, the judicial system, internal affairs bodies, health authorities, prosecutors, the penitentiary service, crisis centers and courts of elders. The analysis makes it possible to understand what information flows in the field of gender discrimination, violence, and human trafficking exist in the authorized bodies state bodies, what indicators are collected in them, and how statistics are generated at the national level. For each authorized state body, the structure of the information system, the movement of information flows, and a list of indicators on gender-based crimes, family violence, and human trafficking are given.


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Programme reports and evaluations
Human rights / Human dignity
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Higher education
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Human rights; Violence; Gender inequality