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Guidelines for Integrating Gender-Based Violence Interventions in Humanitarian Action
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Geneva | 2015 | 366 p.
Jeanne Ward; Julie Lafrenière
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Inter-Agency Standing Committee
© IASC 2015

The file is the Guidelines on Gender-Based Violence issued in 2005 by the Special Inter-Agency Task Force, led by UNICEF and the United Nations Population Fund, and endorsed by the Inter-Agency Standing Committee in 2015. The purpose of these Guidelines is to assist humanitarian actors and communities affected by armed conflict, natural disasters, and other humanitarian emergencies to coordinate, plan, implement, monitor and evaluate essential actions to prevent and reduce gender-based violence in all sectors of the humanitarian response.
The overall goal of the Guidelines is to support humanitarian stakeholders in fulfilling their responsibility to protect all those affected by crises, by:
- Reducing risk of GBV by implementing GBV prevention and mitigation strategies from pre-emergency to recovery stages of humanitarian action.
- Promoting resilience by strengthening national and community-based systems that prevent and mitigate GBV, and by enabling survivors and those at risk of GBV to access specialized care and support.
- Aiding recovery of communities and societies by supporting local and national capacity to create lasting solutions to the problem of GBV.

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