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21st Asia-Pacific Training Workshop on EIU GCED Mentorship Programme - Final Report
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| 2022 | 41 p.
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Asia and the Pacific

This report summarizes 18 GCED projects implemented in the Asia-Pacific region by the alumni of APCEIU’s 21st Asia-Pacific Training Workshop on EIU/GCED (2022).
The Mentorship Programme consisted of two tracks.

1) Track A: Individual Mentorship with APCEIU’s expert groups (Concretizing the GCED project with guidance from mentors)
2) Track B: Developing GCED Training Programme using Design Thinking Strategy with APCEIU & Habi Education Lab

Asia-Pacific Training Workshop on EIU/GCED (APTW) is APCEIU’s flagship TOT (Training of Trainers) programme for educators and teacher trainers in the Asia-Pacific region, which benefitted more than 600 educators over the last 22 years. Since 2021, it has been shifted to a comprehensive training programme composed of online training workshops, mentorship, and local project implementation to further empower participants to bring changes in their local communities.
In 2022, marking its 21st turn, APTW was virtually held from 30 May to 7 June with 52 passionate educators from 19 UNESCO member states in the Asia-Pacific region. This year with the theme of ‘Preparing educators for a post-pandemic world: GCED as a key to change’, the Workshop provided opportunities to explore the timely issues and pedagogies to prepare educators for the post-pandemic world.

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Conference and programme reports
Civic / Citizenship / Democracy
Globalisation and social justice / International understanding
Sustainable development / sustainability
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global citizenship education