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Anti-racist, Inclusive and Rights Education in the Development of Professional Competencies for School Staff and Student Abilities (Éthique en éducation et en formation; no. 3)
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Montreal | 2017 | p. 197-121
ISSN 2561-1488 (digital)
Maryse Potvin
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Éthique en éducation et en formation - Les Dossiers du GREE
Europe and North America
© Maryse Potvin, Éthique en éducation et en formation - Les Dossiers du GREE 2017

This article examines the differences and convergences that emerge from the major theoretical trends in the area of education for ethnocultural (inter/multicultural, anti-racist/critical, civic, inclusive) diversity regarding the professional skills school personnel must acquire to achieve the major objectives of equity, effectiveness of rights, harmonious living and the development of students’ capabilities. The article is based on a review of the national and international literature, which aimed to identify the skills (knowledge, expertise, soft skills) that are essential for knowing how to act in the context of diversity and that, according to theoreticians, should be developed in all teacher training programs. These issues are discussed from a crosscutting perspective rather than from a disciplinary angle related to the Quebec curriculum (ethics and religious culture, history and education for citizenship). The article begins by providing some background on these trends in order to identify their common objectives and convergence toward an integrated and inclusive global approach. It then examines two objectives supported by all theoreticians in terms of the core professional skills needed by school personnel for developing students’ capabilities: 1) taking into account the realities, needs and rights of students, particularly those in minority or vulnerable groups, and 2) preparing students to live together in a pluralistic and democratic society. As well, it identifies the key challenges involved in the consideration and implementation of these two goals.


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Journal articles / Periodicals
Cultural literacy / Intercultural / Cross-cultural / Multi-cultural
Human rights / Human dignity
Social justice / Equity
Inclusive / Diversity
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Primary education
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Equity; Intercultural education; Anti-racist education; Human rights education; Inclusive education